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July 9, 2012 Desensitization Therapies for People & Dogs Desensitization or Treatment? For both the patient and their dog By Ciara Gavin The latest research into food allergy cures have shown desensitization therapies to be very promising- exposing the highly allergic patient to such tiny levels of the offending more » 0
May 22, 2012 How to tell if your scent detection dog is really working Chris Jakubin   If you have an allergen detection service dog or a scent detection dog of any kind, he should work every time you take him out with you, whether it’s a training problem or a real life search.  more » 3
February 21, 2012 Allergy-Friendly Dog Breeds? “Oodles” of misinformation. There is a lot of debate about the so-called “allergy friendly” dog breeds available today.  I wanted to take some time to summarize the facts and the latest research.  To families already dealing with serious food allergies, the idea of an more » 0
January 28, 2012 Who would benefit from having a detection service dog? Anyone with severe contact or respiratory anaphylaxis can benefit from having an Allergen Detection Service Dog.  Experience has shown that the dogs are most beneficial when the allergen is often found in unexpected places, preventing the person from being able more » 2
January 28, 2012 What Is A Detection Dog? Allergen Detection Service Dogs are used by people with anaphylactic allergies so severe that they could go into anaphylactic shock just by touching trace amounts of a substance.  Although often referred to just as “peanut dogs,” these dogs can be more » 2
January 28, 2012 Our Mission Our mission is to enrich the lives of people suffering from severe allergies by providing them with the freedom to explore the world safely, giving them greater independence, opportunity, and peace of mind. We provide exceptional detection dogs and professional more » 4
January 28, 2012 Do You Know Your Dog Science? Understand the science behind allergens and odor detection. The staff here is not just a collection of well-intentioned dog trainers and office assistants. They are experts in their fields, as well as continual students. They stay up-to-date on the latest more » 0